Finally It is Spring!

Each year Spring brings us the sense of renewal with rain, new growth and activities to do.  NE Colorado today was 78 degrees! But then the temp dropped tonight almost 40 degrees and some parts of the state may have snow tomorrow. 

But that didn't stop our neighbors from raking and getting plant beds ready. Monday is not a school day here. So kids were out on bikes, playing ball and lots of people walking dogs in the park. 

If you are still thinking about why our hand balm might help you, consider this. It isn't just your hands that got dried out this winter.   Your cuticles did too.   Maybe it is time to get your hands in shape and keep them soft this spring.  With Vit E and our unique formulations, I suspect you will notice an improvement in your cuticles and nail health too.  Thanks for taking time to visit our shop!   

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