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Made in Colorado

About Us

Rideau means "small mound of earth". Here is our story!

Why Plant-Based Skincare?

Our brand concept was developed with the premise that organic and natural ingredients effectively and safely moisturize dry, aging and diabetic skin.

We believe plant-based skincare made with clean, safe ingredients offers more benefits and minimal side effects as compared to more traditional brands that include parabens, petrolatum and other harmful ingredients.

Ingredient transparency is important. We research each ingredient for its benefits and source from reliable suppliers. We have created unique formulations for your hands, lips, feet and body care.

Hydrating Skincare for Active Lifestyles

Peppermint Foot Balm

Peppermint Foot Balm

Plain Skincare LLC

Based in Sterling CO, we are Coloradans with Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial experience. We create, develop and market personal care products under our brand name Rideau Organics.